You can find several sites where you can find good offers while looking for second hand office equipment. It is important to understand what you are buying everywhere you find it, so you have to be able to determine whether it still works or whether it has been worn out by previous users. Let’s address sites that are really nice in order to find offers.

Local auction houses are the very first place. Many auction houses are selling liquidation furnishings from companies that either have upgraded or maybe have destroyed their office equipment. These auctions also have great offers of fresh and nearly new furniture.


It may be fresh often. After the dot com bubble broke out in the late 1990s, many of these companies were liquidated and most of their office furniture was not necessarily carried out!

Another good place to browse for deals with office furnishings is on eBay. You will find almost everything on eBay, and there is no other office furniture. It is a little trickier, since it will be delivered and you will be unable to inspect it directly if it is not offered locally, but provided you take care to ensure that you are pleased with the results before buying.

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Craigslist is another website like eBay. And that is the advantage that much of the content on sale locally so that you can check the goods before you buy them and you will not be faced with an enormous shipping bill.


In any nearby classified section you should also look out for sales of office furniture. They will also refurbish them if businesses move to an alternative venue, or even update their current offices. They also offer clearance for the products they substitute, and these are usually announced in local journals.


These sales may be especially good places for discounts as they close to the end of the order. The option may not be just as sweet, but they usually have a great drive to sell what is left so they don’t have to move it again. At this point, you can collect items for a steal.


Purchasing furniture from the office of second hand will save money, and it is often as nice as what you are buying new. Why not let someone else pay for the depreciation and buy a new office or desk chair?

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