The Last Day funeral service or even a Mormon funeral is solemn and often provides a sorry occasion for a sense of hope, depending on how well the deceased are supposed to meet after this life. They are normally held in a Later Day Chapel or maybe named (LDS) Chapel, or a mortuary under the supervision of the ward bishop. Funerals open and shut up sacred music and prayer, frequently involving choral or congregational singing.

The funeral contains praise and remembrance, as well as talks on the atonement, the resurrection, life after death, and doctrines pertaining to the deprived. Some families have friends or family members who speak or sing a fitting hymn about the lifetime of the deceased. For the church service, it is customary for the poor family to start with prayer.


A funeral service is held in which only relatives and close friends participate. The funeral is a grave service. Whoever is a Melchizedek Priest (who has granted the LDS Church rights, duties or authority to act in the name of Jesus Christ) sometimes dedicates the grave to asking God to guard it as a hollow place to rest, before the resurrection. He has been a good friend or family member. In contrast to burial, cremation may be dictated in some instances and in the local law, but in the absence of such a law funeral is the preferred form of body disposal based on its doctrine. Finally, the decision is left to the deceased’s relatives. Circumstances can also determine a commemorative service or maybe just a grave service.

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The burial of the body normally occurs in a cemetery or funeral. The body of a deceased church member who receives the Endowment of the temple (and is kept in an LDS temple) should be clothed in the temple. Sisters of the Relief Association dress the dead women and the men of the priesthood dress the men. If the body cannot be dressed, clothing from the temple may be put above it. In accordance with the doctrine of the church, Mormon funerals have unique death-rituals.

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