We shouldn’t think if we get shot, or maybe if a loved one is shot every time we get out of our own house. We shouldn’t see the number of people fired every day rise by 315. The number of people shot every year is around six times Monaco’s population.

It is clear that the average person shouldn’t own a weapon in the United States. We need to protect our selves, but, if an average civilian did not own a weapon, we do not need to protect ourselves.

And if the ordinary citizens don’t have their weapons, far more people will live. On the basis of Christian Sager’s “shows” experiment on January 19, 2017, 11,000 more persons are not allowed to go on the year weapons. More than one mass shooting also occurs daily. This does not really discuss the number of people who committed suicide due to the death of a family member. Imagine you’ve lost one of your closest family members or maybe friends. You’re going to feel sad, you have to feel bad, at least because you’re not lying if you don’t. Guns are not only hurting any shot guy, they are hurting all over and not stopping.

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In addition, possessing a weapon makes it too easy to kill yourself. 5.1% of suicides succeed in the self-cutting. 7.4% of suicides succeed by yourself poisoning. However, 96.5% of suicides by firearms were successful. A lot of times we fail to remember one thing before we do and remember all the people who are dead, because they were not sure whether they wanted to have their life or maybe not. The major episodes of depression are Thirteen percent of Americans. This roughly means that one or more individuals have severe episodes of depression in each household of seven people. And 90% of the US lives in a household with more als one weapon. Take the statistics into account. Can the government trust us with weapons?


All should protect themselves. All. In reality, 29,618,300 people firearmed to protect themselves between 2007 and 2011. Twenty-five individuals dead, they had no firearms to guard their lives, Texas Church Shootings. However, fewer than 1% of gun owners use their weapons to defend themselves. For this needless cause, the vast majority of people have weapons. If you think some gun control is already in place, the weapons control is poor. On 28 September, a 3 year-old in a household in Dearbook, Michigan finds a gun and shoots two other children, based on an article on Independent by Emily Shugerman. That’s what happens when you keep your weapons at home. This is also a prime example of America’s poor arms control.

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