The berry of Acai is a beautiful palm fruit filled with anti-oxidants and has an immense nutritional value. It is renowned for its outstanding fiber, major vitamins, protein and fatty acid supplies. This amazing fruit could have been read by famous Hollywood actors, by the local sports club and health food store regulars. Now the health sector (and Hollywood) are storming the great fruit! What’s the Acai berry exactly, then?

The Acai berry is a deep purple berry that grows over the fast-growing native palm trees in the Amazon jungle. The Acai bay is a small berry with a deep purple hue. It looks like grapes or maybe violet marbles. For hundreds of years, indigenous Brazilians have grown this highly nutritious fruit as a great pulp of fruit. This pulp is used in a number of indigenous dishes in their staple diet. This berry is well-known in Northern Brazil for its health and healing benefits.

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The berry has a good fruity taste and a wide variety of nutritional advantages. According to health studies, the fruits have impressive concentrations of anti-oxidants such as natural vitamin E which facilitate breathing, cellular vitality and skin elasticity. Apart from its anti-oxidative characteristically high levels of omga 6 and 9 fats, fiber and carbohydrates, the Acai fruits also feature remarkably high.


Omega-6 and omega-9 are considered to have beneficial effects on the heart and also contribute to blood flow and blood pressure maintenance. Acai has plenty of carbohydrates and fiber. Carbs give the body the strength to exercise physically, and fiber is essential for the proper digestion.

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This rare fruit is also known to improve concentration and attention, increase energy and mental clarity, prevent depression and increase the immune system as well. The Acai berry is an unbelievable Amazon present.


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