Flash gaming on the web has become very popular over the past few years. And so, typical game styles have begun to break into far more specific flavors. For example, fighting games have produced other niches, such as boxing games, karate games and discussion of ninja online games. Fighting fans are naturally thrilling hunters, who want to find the action included in fighting game applications even better. Looking to satisfying this audience, the makers of flash games and the owners of arcades wanted to add a mystery and adventure to the mix and create online ninja games. Types of battle and battling are what these passionate ninja fans are about to do with.

Several ninja game titles have come online, but only a handful of them seem to have taken the young fans to heart. The Ninja Rampage is one particular title. A completely free online ninja game with a ninja in a strow hat that is free. The saying that the game is “a ninja should not be seen” that almost tells the player what the game’s strategy should be. The main goal of the game typically is to kill all the guards present so that they can complete the stage.

Ninja Rampage | Free games and Downloads

Then finish all levels to complete the game successfully. As the game begins with, you’re best betting to sneak up to your enemies without being noticed, which gives you an advantage and the best chance of a good outcome. Other technique tips are to timing the attacks carefully in order to avoid being heard. You can always manage to defeat your opponent by evading his attacks if you get trapped.

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The player has many solutions on the screen before this online ninja game begins. One of these easy choices is the quality of the game, in which you can choose from three levels: medium, low and strong. This solution is extremely helpful for gamers who play in older and slower computers who cannot make the graphics so fast. Reducing quality can result in faster and more enjoyable game play.


The game moves to illustrate the character commands, the ‘A’,’ S’ and the ‘D’ keys to the left for spurt attack. the normal arrow keys for movements. Another fascinating feature is the ability to add or probably compare high scores for the game in the options menu.


At the start of Ninja Rampage, it tells the storey of a murder that happened, and how your character follows the people responsible for it. The graphics imitate the aura at dusk with a world based in mediaeval Japan. Game play is not all that easy, your enemies are well armed and won’t wait to kill you, most likely if you glimpse yourself before yours strike. The best thing is that the player does not have to worry much if you kill yourself, hits the space bar and he is once again on his feet.

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