In 1962, Pandit Nehru’s pacifist policies were successful and the Chinese military launched an offensive against NEFA’s sluggish northern borders. But for a few inexplicable reasons they halted their advance and proclaimed a unilateral cease fire. Ladakh and Ladakh The Chinese in a short time routed Indian forces and the India plains. Perhaps their aim was to reduce India to Nehru ‘s size and humiliation. The favorites of Gen Kaul and Gen Thapar Nehru were also to go with the Minister of Defense Krishna Menon, and the Indian people had a lot to look at.

Lt . Gen. Harbaksh Singh was the general in charge of taking over four Tezpur corps. He soon came to the mission and restored morality and faith in the eastern theatre. He was then transferred to Bengudubi close to Siliguri as commander of thirty-three corps.

The Western World War Wolves were building as Pakistan was the ideal time to address the Cashmira problem once and for all under the authority of Gen Ayub Khan. Their raiders were then sent into the Kashmir valley and the Indian government had to make a tough decision. However, Shastri, then Indian Prime Minister, overturned Nehru ‘s divisive policies and took a realistic approach. He commanded the army to open another Lahore front.


In the meantime, Harbaksh was called after being assigned to the 30-three corps as the GOC-in-C of the Western Command, the territory of which stretched from South to Cashmir. He effectively led the Western Command across the entire border against the Pakistan Army. In just three years after the meeting in China, Lt. Gen Harbaksh Singh ‘s excellent leadership played an important role in rising the values of a defeated army.


However, it is important to note one aspect. In the war of 1965 an offensive was carried out in the Chamb Jaurian sector by a Pakistan Army equiped with Patton Tanks. General COAS Chaudhry panicked the south of the Beas River and ordered Harbaksh to withdraw from it. This is illustrated by Harbaksh ‘s war dispatches as well as Gen Kaul in his novel. History will always remind you that Harbaksh held his courage and disobeyed the order of the COAS. Saved is Punjab. It was also a male preference, as can be seen from the fact that Mag Gen Niranjan Prasad was discarded during a similar war for cowardice. This decision has been confirmed as correct by independent observers.

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The General has been given a special distinction to a soldier, Padma Vibhusan. He was made Chief of the Army, and reports indicate that the Minister of Defense,  Sardar Swarn Singh, was in his support. However, overnight Indira Gandhi circumvents Harbaksh to Maneckshaw. In 1969 the General quit active duty.


The decision was a difficult one for a man who had done so much for India but he took it as a true soldier, and he just vanished as a well-used soldier. However, the Indians have to note that he saved India on that fateful day when Harbaksh chose not to fall to the Beas. Enable the peace of his souls.

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