There are abundant international Samui schools. The broad expatriate population working and living in the process and also on the island of globalization has contributed to the development on the island, following the UK National Curriculum, of a number of genuinely high quality international schools.

These Koh Samui schools take children from diverse backgrounds, races, religions and cultures and use an internationally led British programme to teach students from a global viewpoint. If you want to provide the best education for your children, and if you can afford to pay for it, then it is a must to send them to a worldwide school on Samui. These institutions have highly trained teachers and their subject subjects meet the accreditation requirements of education authorities such as the Faculty, which are globally recognized.

Compared to Thai schools in the district, the Panyadee, Blue water and Samui Learning Center are substantially better funded and can therefore give their children:


Fully professional teachers

Modern science and computer laboratories

Well funded bookstores and resources

Interesting and fun trips to school

Extra- and post-school events Participation

First-class facilities and classrooms These organisations deliver a distinctive combination of local culture and internationalism to their students. So expect your children to learn Thai, to eat Thai food and to learn Muay Thai in P.E. Learn. Learn.

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In the event that you intend on schools on Koh Samui Island, check out Panyadee, Blue water and Samui Learning Center. Every site has its own distinctive look and feel and talks a lot about the management and operation of the school. In order to help you select a school which suites you and your children, you will also be in contact with key staff.

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