The brain of yours, you made it up. It is time to buy a paintball pistol. You start your research and quickly discover that many features and choices are available. What does all this mean and what are you going to buy? This article will lead to narrowing decisions.

The simple question that we always ask people is exactly where they should be? Do you want to play in a structured setting or maybe play around your own country or maybe a friend’s land in the woods? As a result of air supply, the solution to this question will lead you to certain variants of weapons. If you are likely to play on an organised field, they would have compressed air resources or maybe CO2 resources. You would have to select a suitable aircraft by the type of air you have access to.


If you just use CO2 tanks to pick your paintball gun, you can probably stick to paintball guns that are happy to use CO2. Choosing paintball weapons to run on CO2 must be taken carefully. CO2 is a liquid gas that is dangerous to paintball pistols or possibly paintball markers not equipped to deal with liquid. You can buy a pricey paintball weapon and destroy it in just a few uses without repair. We advise you to stick to high-quality paintball markers created to work with CO2.


If CO2 is your air, we recommend that you use paintball markers that run on carbon dioxide. Spyder weapons will be Spyder Victor, Xtra, Sonic from non-electric models and budget-aware. Electra, VS1, Spyder Pilot, VS2 with an expanded budget. Smart Parts features excellent CO2 models for CO2 use. The Smart Parts Vibe are modern technology and easy to maintain.

The Spyder MR1, MR2, MR3 remain in CO2 and have a military feel. Smart Parts has a brand new SP1 with nice and easy to manage functionality. The Tippmann Paintball Marker is the king of all the military launches. You will find a lot of items to choose from as many can be personalised. The Tippmann Alpha Black collection of paintball weapons are the low price points. Looking at the budget, you can switch from the Tippmann Alpha Black to the Tippmann, 98 custom platinum markers A5, sequence X7. All are perfect CO2 marker options.


We’ve left paintball guns with compressed air so far since the compressed air markers are typically a little more costly for much cheaper. Paintball weapons range between $150 and $2000.00. Usually, this is where the spectrum and consumer choices confuse all. In simple terms, the features, costs, and what you buy at this point are all. You have to figure out what you are looking for. You’re a leisure player, or maybe you’re competing? There are a number of key characteristics so we explain a few favourite characteristics briefly.


Whether a firearm is electric or not is among the primary features on the market. Electronic weapons have modes to set the marker to firing modes. Electro-“egrips” (or probably triggers) will also shift paintball marker to 3 shot burst (one pull shot of a single pull trigger) or to half-auto (one pull shot of one shot at auto if you pull the trigger in one fixed period) or full auto (one pull of one shoot at auto) (one pull multiple firing). You can find a range of features to make your gun fire quickly, such as ACS systems, electronic eyes, etc. Balls per second or even bps are the main statistics.


We like wondering if you’re the kind of person who wants to destroy and restore things? Or maybe before next time are you much more likely to play and clean and put away? Please purchase an easy-to-keep paintball gun in that situation. Smart Parts has super simple weapons to keep as are the brand new paintball weapons from the Tippmann Platinum Collection. The main explanation for durability and happy possession is the cleaning and lubrication of your paintball guns. If you want to tinker with your own gear on another side, your choice should not be limited. Manuals, websites of the producer and video clips on Youtube are a lot of support.

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The following issue will be paintball gun upgrades. Will you buy a recreational gambling one time? Or maybe you’ll probably add equipment to improve your skills. Frankly, it is fun and keeps your sport up to speed up the gun. Do some research to find out which improvements are available for the paintball gun model you’re considering buying. The Tippmann X7 with several replica looks and feel is perhaps the most upgradable marker. With this paintball pistol, you can change back and forth. It’s not going to be cheap, but it won’t bother you!


As we tried to inform you about your options for paintball guns, the simple thing is that there are many styles, price ranges and features to choose from. Decide first where you can play and use the air system. Then decide which characteristics and looks you need. Then work on your future paintball gun until you are satisfied with the price range, the features and value of it and if you are able to hold it or probably upgrade them while it is available please. Then walk around and paint more matches!

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