Press releases will yield substantial advantages even though investments are not made in major media outlets in PR & Marketing.

In order to disseminate press releases, the Smart PR departments and agencies use both entirely free and paid delivery systems, as each provides specific advantages. Payment providers pledge media investment and syndication, while free services secure essential web traffic connections.


In order to guarantee that their press releases appear in leading newspapers, many corporations, not profit companies and PR agencies use pay subscription services as Business Wire. For automatic publication of news releases in a wide variety of web pages, subscription services have set up – thereby practically guaranteeing placements for news releases of customers. In particular, press releases also act as the basis of journalists’ writings in influential news stories. This results in high ranks in Google News search results, frequentemente for news releases distributed through subscription services.


Why Still Matter of Free Press Release


Free services normally release on their website and seldom carry the syndication/distribution of paid services. services are Free services. The benefit of free websites is that they are able to draw on keywords, connections, meta tags and marks – all of which contribute to the website visitors and to your ranks.

These links are all applied to the sum of back links to your site, which are taken into account when ranking sites by Google Page Rank and Alexa. As explained by Bruce Clay, founder of the marketing optimization company Bruce Clay, Inc.


“Press releases have been around forever and they’re now great for what they were initially produced for: branding.”


The recent guidelines for Google’s connection scheme have created debate about whether releases generate SEO. Google frowns about linking key terms into news releases as anchor texts, and wants them to be tagged as “nofollow” because they have no meaning for the marketing of search engines. Nevertheless, “navigational links,” using the anchor text of a domain name, business name, or maybe a name for a product, must not be labelled nofollow.

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Google’s Matt Cutts noted that he “wouldn’t expect links from press release web sites to help your rankings.” although a Study by SEO Consult has shown that links in releases may benefit directly from the SEO.


One thing remains certain whether SEO links boost or not: publication on a free press release site – particularly on high-level web pages – generates readership and traffic.


Both paid news and free news releases can have a positive effect on the image online. Brand announcements, programmes, and promotions present positive details in search results that may then highlight the negative feedback and entries in the search results list. The key purpose of online reputation management systems is to shift negative articles from the 1st search results list.


A effective dissemination strategy often includes reporting by the media to track the location of the press release. The publications published in the press release will be clipped in, market discussions and maybe goods will be tracked following the release, and the scope and reader opinion will be calculated.


Cyber Alert offers national and worldwide coverage for media tracking services, so that the entire effect of press release effort can be analysed by public relations and marketing workers.

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