You were convicted of a crime and you need a lawyer. You know that there are poor and good attorneys, like any other professionals, but you just want to stay away from the poor!

If cash is not an issue, the solution is straightforward. Go to and employ the largest law firm in your city. Because of their prestige it is in their best interest to produce better results. There are no promises, but you can obtain competent representation at least. Many of us face the problem that we don’t have this form of capital.


Certain characteristics differentiate between good and poor lawyers. Look out when you deal with a criminal lawyer for these attributes.


Missing experience


The first thing you need to take into consideration when interviewing criminal lawyers is probably experience. A lawyer who has practiced for years is definitely much better than a new law school student, at least in the area of criminal law.


Expertise field


Would you permit a heart operation for your family doctor? You definitely won’t want an expert in the heart. You therefore don’t want a lawyer who “does anything” in a common practice. You need someone who just works full time in criminal defense. You don’t want a criminal lawyer who is doing anything, divorces and wants something else under the sun.


Them Google

Get online to learn what you can find. Please search all available reviews. Check their profile at the LinkedIn, Facebook and other social networking platforms of their bar association website. What kind of stuff you’ll notice about a person will confuse you.


On references


Using references is typically a smart idea. The obvious thing about references is that he / she would only give you people happy with them. That’s all right, but a track record is stronger today. Tell you the results of the last five cases. You don’t need addresses and names just like the customer did.


Empty promises!-Empty promises!


Look out for attorneys who pledge to ‘get you off.’ It’s only normal that you have to believe that, but nothing can be assured. You lie. You lie.


Outrageous allegations


Some trial attorneys exploit the fact that they are afraid and anxious in many cases and use this to charge exorbitant charges. It’s all right to pay a lawyer for the experience and status, but watch out for the gullible ones. To be aware of current prices, you have to look around.

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Do I have faith in you?


All this is done to build trust. You have to ask, “Do I trust in this person,” when interviewing a potentially competent lawyer and if the answer is no rounding “yes,” then look elsewhere.


Your lawyer is your guardian and you must make sure that you have full faith in him. Select a person who has honesty, experience, simplicity and strict professional ethics.


Who works? Who works?


If you work with a criminal lawyer, commitment is just as crucial as confidence. You do not employ a lawyer to devote your time to your case. Moreover, you pay the lawyer to handle the case himself. it is extremely necessary. Never hire someone to move it to a secondary officer or maybe a legal clerk because this indicates that he does not dedicate himself to your case.

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