Driven strip illumination is a very versatile and creative way to add light to your interior design. The interior designers have long used it for hotels and companies, so it is also very simple to use at home.

The strip lighting is available with the individual LEDs on tape that are adjustable in lengths and even as much roll. It can be cut at certain intervals, which make fitting in smaller areas super simple. This versatility permits an unlimited range of applications that are restricted to your imagination only.


You can find at least 3 different options to purchase this illumination: a single colour in bright white or perhaps cool blue; RGB colour shift in a variety of different colors red, green and single colour or blue). Whilst the white light is useful for domestic lighting, the colour choices add drama to the interior and can offer entertaining lighting solutions to businesses and homes.


1. Lighting in the kitchens behind and under the counter

Any dark shadow areas on the working surfaces of a kitchen can be banned using strips under the cabinets. The benefit of LED strips over fluorescent tubes is the accuracy of the cutting length to allow the full length of the counter top to be evenly luminous. Naturally, and with far less power LEDs are much cheaper to work.

2. Regiments and shelf shows

The problem of illumination of other displays and bookshelves is addressed by LED streak lighting. Short strips can be cut to size, with a warm glow to discreetly illuminate each part.


3. Nooks and niches

Curved niches and nooks are always problematically light-mode, but now it is easy to light individual and curved niches with the versatile strips of LED light. Due to the thin profile of these bands, it is also very convenient to cover them without any hideous tubes or bulbs in the recess, which could distract them from the smooth line of the interior.


4. Lighting Bar

Subtle LED strip lighting can change bar areas. Bar areas. Get shiny with shifting colour stripes or go for your precious set of antique bottles with subtle light accents.


5. Desks and leisure areas

Also lighting is an excellent aid for labs or desk areas. Simple to mount LED strips, the right light for detailed, fine work where you need it can be used.


Setting up LED strip lights is easy and you need an adapter to the LED specifications to change the voltage. Ask your LED provider for advice so that you can get the right elements for your application.

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